Successful treatment of nonunions with orthogold280®

A pseudarthrosis is defined as a non-healing fracture from which a false joint develops. It is manifested if healing of a fracture has not been achieved within six months after fracture development. Nonunions occur in 5% to 10% of all fractur patients. They are usually very painful and limit the mobility of concerned patients.
The current standard of care for the treatment of pseudarthrosis comprises debridement of the pseudarthrotic tissue, cleaning of the fragment’s edges, insertion of autologous spongiosa and stabilization with osteosynthesis material. However, these surgical procedurces are very costly as well as time consuming, are associated with a high complication rate and last but not least extremly traumatic for the patient. Consequently there is a high interest in a non-invasive, effective and efficient treatment option for pseudarthrosis. MTS’ Spark Wave Therapy with orhtogold280 represents such a therapy method.


How do Spark Waves® work in the treatment of nonunions?

Spark Waves have been documented to have various effects on bone tissue. Generally speaking, they stimulate the re-iniation of stagnant healing processes in sub-acute and chronic conditions and appear to initiate a more rapid and effective healing phase in acute conditions. Spark Waves activate the natural healing powers of the tissue and induce amongst others the following biological reactions on cellular level:


  • development of angiogenetic growth facotrs such as VEGF, eNOS etc.
  • regeneration of blood vessels and consequently improved blood supply of affected areas
  • decrease of inflammatory processes
  • stimulation of osteoclasts and fibroblasts for rebuilding of injured tissue as well as migration of stem cells


The combination of all factors stimulates the healing process and finally leads to complete healing of bone fractures.