One dream of modern medicine is to let a paralyzed man or woman walk again. Maybe this goal is more realistic in our child’s future. But the basic research for this big dream is done today. There are many publications about nerve repair with different approaches. One approach is shockwave therapy.

The last years showed many new and promising results in relation with shockwave therapy and nerve repair. Animal studies in rats in 2012 suggest “that ESWT induces an improved rate of axonal regeneration […]” (Hausner T., 2012). Another study from 2008 indicated, “that direct application of shockwaves can induce reversible segmental demyelination in large-diameter fibers […]” (Wu YH., 2008).

Of course modern medicine is not at the point where it is possible to reverse a paralyzation. But as shown in the studies above, there is researched going on and especially shockwaves are very promising due to their non-invasive application method. This knowledge that we gain today is possibly very important for future studies in the future.