Effect of shock waves on macrophages: A possible role in tissue regeneration and remodeling

In this study, d’Agostino et al. researched the effect of shock waves on macrophages in view of a possible function in tissue regeneration and remodeling. The team used two different types of macrophages: M1 pro-inflammatory macrophages and M2 anti-inflammatory macrophages. After SW treatment with different intensities the expression was measured via qPCR. The results of the qPCR showed, that SW treatment does not activate resting macrophages but the opposite: The treatment with low-energy SW showed an inhibition of different marker genes in the macrophages (M1: CD80, COX2, CCL5; M2: ALOX15, MRC1, CCL18). In addition, the team measured an effect of SW treatment on cytokine and chemokine production. They found a significant increase in IL-10 and reduction in IL-1β production.
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